Follow the steps below to fund your account through your GT Bank App

STEP 1. Log in to your GT Bank App

STEP 2. Locate Sport and Gaming in the Menu

STEP 3. Look for LUCKYBET in the Merchant list

STEP 4. Click on the LUCKYBET to go to the next page

STEP 5. Enter your LUCKYBET phone number with the country code 234 and then your ten digits number and the amount you wish to fund and press continue E.g 2347030214697

STEP 6. Preview Stage: Check to confirm your LUCKYBET account information to include Phone number (234***TenDigitPhoneNumber***), Account name, amount to fund and the transaction fee (charge)

Press Continue after confirmation

STEP 7. Select your bank account from which deposit transaction will be charged from

STEP 8. Enter remark (optional) and your transaction PIN 

Press Confirm payment to complete the transaction

You will get a payment successful popup immediately after your transaction has been made and your LUCKYBET account will be funded immediately.